Betta Fish Care Guide

Tips from home to wellness to food as well as enjoyable

4 points to understand concerning your betta

  • Bettas can live up to 3 years
  • They mature to 3 inches long
  • Bettas can cope with different other peaceful location fish. You should just have one male or woman betta in a container without divider panel panels.
  • Since bettas gulp air from the surface area of their tank, they do not call for to stay in oxygenated fish tanks


Precisely just how do I establish my betta’s storage tank?

Bettas can stay in an aquarium or in bowls. Set up their brand-new home a minimum of someday before they get below.

, if your betta will definitely remain in a dish …

Ensure the dish goes recipe at least one quart in quantity.
Place just one betta in a dish.
The temperature level of the room where the bowl is put need to stay above 74 degrees Fahrenheit.

If your bettas will live in an aquarium …


Aquarium & stand

The marginal dimension of the aquarium will absolutely count on the quantity of fish you have. For simply a betta and a few area fish, the container has to be a minimum of 3-5 gallons.
If you prepare to have lots of area fish, follow this formula to figure out whether the storage tank has to be also larger: the aquarium ought to have 1 gallon of water for every single inch of fully-grown fish.
The aquarium requires to be near a source of power, in a low-traffic location, far from straight sunlight as well as also drafts.
Water considers 8 additional pounds per gallon. Select an incredibly challenging, consistent base for your aquarium, after that tons the container with water.

What to place in your betta’s storage tank

Include that if you will certainly be making usage of an under-gravel filter.
Layer worrying 1-2 inches of crushed rock on the bottom of the storage tank. (That exercises to 1 1/2 extra pounds of crushed rock per gallon of water.) Laundry the crushed rock before placing it in the aquarium.
Fill out the container concerning midway up with dechlorinated water.
Time to embellish! Consist of fish design, plants, rocks as well as various other things. Clean all decoration prior to including it to the container.
End up by filling the container the remainder of the approach with dechlorinated water.


An aquarium filter requires to be able to refine every one of the water in the storage tank three to five times an hr. (As an example, the filter in a 20-gallon container would certainly call for to press with at the very least 60 gallons of water each hour.) Comply with the maker’s standards for developing the filter and choosing.
Keep in mind, that PetSmart tests your water totally cost-free! Generate an example and also we can assess the top-notch within a couple of minutes

Cozy & lights

Bettas are tropical fish along with a call to swim in warm water between 74 in addition to 82 degrees Fahrenheit.
Select an aquarium furnace with 5 watts of power for each gallon of water in the aquarium. A big fish tank may require a heater at either end.
Wait 15 minutes after packing the container before triggering the heating unit.
Area the home heating unit close enough to the filter to distribute the heated water.
Run the container’s filter in addition to the storage tank’s hood light for 24 hrs, then examine the water temperature level as well as adjustment the home heating device if needed.

Simply exactly how do I include bettas to my aquarium?

  • Bring your betta residence instantly after you buy it.
  • Position it in your fish tank– inside the bag– for 15 minutes so it can get used to the brand-new water temperature degree.
  • Next off, use a web to move the betta right into your fish tank. Try not to bring excessive of their old water with them.
  • Add just one betta.
  • The chemical equilibrium in your aquarium will alter with every brand-new fish you present, so take a look at the water’s pH, ammonia, nitrite as well as additionally nitrate levels regularly.

What do bettas eat?

Feed your betta fish flakes or pelleted food two times daily. Bettas are predators, so supplement your fish’s diet plan with icy or freeze-dried saltwater shrimp or tubifex worms.
Specifically, how can I maintain my bettas healthy and balanced?

If your bettas offer any one of these indicators of ailment or distress, talk with a PetSmart shop affiliate or a veterinarian accustomed to fish health:

  • Reduced desires
  • Fins clamped sidewards
  • Scratching body on rocks
  • Belly swelling
  • Irritated or discolored skin or fins


FREE water high-quality testing

PetSmart offers free aquarium water testing. Create an example as well as also we can evaluate its high quality within minutes.

Layer worrying 1-2 inches of smashed rock on the base of the storage space tank. Laundry the crushed rock prior to placing it in the fish tank.
Include fish layout, plants, rocks as well as different other items. Wash all decor before including it to the container.
An aquarium filter requires to be able to refine all of the water in the container 3 to 5 times an hr.


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