The Ultimate Protein Shake Guide

When to Drink, What to Buy, as well as Best Recipes

You wanna start drinking healthy protein shakes, however, don’t recognize where to begin?

You’re in good luck because I’ve been consuming healthy protein drinks for several years and today I’m showing you all my secrets (ah … a lot of them).

With Part 2 of our Ultimate Guide to Protein, I’ll educate you:

  • Are protein drinks great for you?
  • Just how much protein do I require each day?
  • What’s the very best healthy protein supplement to acquire?
  • How to make use of healthy protein powder
  • Exactly how to make protein trembles taste better
  • Should I consume my healthy protein before or after my workout?


Ensure you likewise look into Part 1: “How Much Protein Do I Need to Eat Every Day?”

With this understanding and also an awesome blender (which we discuss right here), you can make healthy protein shakes part of your everyday routine.

Healthy protein 101: Are Protein Shakes Good For You?

Healthy protein is a necessary macronutrient that assists our body to reconstruct muscle mass and is an integral part of day-to-day nutrition (” duh, Steve,” you claim).

You can obtain healthy protein from any variety of actual food resources, and you must prioritize real food in your diet regimen (also, “duh Steve”):.

  • Chicken, duck, various other fowl.
  • Fish.
  • Meat.
  • Legumes (beans).
  • Eggs.
  • Quinoa.
  • Nuts.
  • Milk.


There are PLENTY of circumstances where you could want to likewise supplement your food with a protein shake or healthy protein powder (right here we go):.

You have a hard time to eat the advised amount of protein each day (I cover this below!).
You are a slim individual that requires to bulk up and also require even more calories in your day-to-day intake!
You are trying to lose weight and also want to change one unhealthy dish with a meal-replacement healthy protein shake.

You hunger for the comfort of a healthy protein shake instead of preparing yet another meal.

In these circumstances, protein supplements or protein trembles can be awesome!

Don’t simply take my word for it. A methodical evaluation of studies revealed: [1] ” Protein supplementation might improve muscular tissue mass as well as performance when the training stimulation suffices.”.

Another research study revealed that amongst endurance professional athletes: [2] ” The enhancement of protein might assist to offset muscle damage and also promote recuperation.”.

What this means in regular people terms: If you are strength training properly and also consuming the right way, taking insufficient healthy protein will aid you to construct muscular tissue and perform much better!

As well as “sufficient healthy protein” can consist of healthy protein supplements as well as healthy protein powders.

Simply bear in mind that protein trembles are not a panacea for every one of your conditions:

They are NOT required for being healthy, they MIGHT help you slim down, as well as they ought to only SUPPLEMENT (zing!) a healthy diet plan, not be expected to do all the “hefty training.”.

You still need to be eating well, following a stamina training routine and getting adequate rest.

If you’re unsure HOW to toughness train, do not stress– I got you covered. You can download our Strength Training 101 overview when you join the Rebellion (it’s free) as well as subscribe in package listed below:

What’s the Best Protein Supplement to Buy?

1) Whey protein is the most prominent, conveniently offered, and most affordable protein supplementation available. Whey has all the crucial amino acids and is just one of the byproducts of milk that has actually been curdled and strained. It comes in both “concentrate” and also “isolate” types. Whey is more quickly absorbed by the body contrasted to its equivalent casein( following), which makes it a great solution for best before/after a stamina training workout. [7]

2) Magnum Quattro is the various other by-products of milk and likewise has all necessary amino acids. Due to the fact that it’s extra gradually absorbed by the body than whey, numerous individuals take in casein prior to bed assuming it’ll result in enhanced muscle mass development throughout rest!

For more information visit: Magnum Quattro

3) Egg protein powders are made from, you guessed it, the protein in eggs– which indicates they may be a terrific alternative if you can’t make use of whey or casein for whatever reason.

Quick wrap-up: whey and also casein healthy proteins both originate from milk, and also both can assist reconstruct muscular tissue. Whey is quickly soaked up by your body and also is generally more economical than casein, which makes it our recommended form of healthy protein for price as well as convenience of consumption. I personally locate casein protein much less palatable, blends worse, as well as is much less pleasurable contrasted to whey.

Don’t stress regarding timing whey for post-workout and also casein for rest. Pick the one you appreciate and also focus on getting enough protein in a day– that will certainly obtain you 99.% of the method there to constructing muscle in the ideal places!

IF YOU ARE PLANT BASED: these are our referrals for plant protein powders (from our guide to eating a Plant-Based Diet):.

Pea healthy protein. A strong selection for vegan healthy protein powder comes from peas, specifically the high healthy protein yellow split pea. A quarter mug (28 grams) will get you concerning 21 grams of healthy protein, as well as run you concerning 100 calories. There’s some evidence it may be similar to whey in building muscular tissue. [9] NAKED Nutrition supplies a terrific 100% pea healthy protein powder you can take a look at.
Rice healthy protein. A quarter cup of rice healthy protein will include 22 grams of healthy protein and also run 107 calories. Plus, when you combine it with pea protein, you’ll end up with a total amino acid account required for human development.

Hemp healthy protein. While it does not have as much protein as pea or rice (one mug will certainly have 12 grams of healthy protein and 108 calories), what it lacks in this division it offsets in its nutrient profile. Hemp protein is stemmed from the seeds of the cannabis plant, however, it’s reproduced in such a way that it will not have any kind of THC. What it will provide you with though is a good resource of iron, zinc, and omega-3s, which are all things vegans have a tendency to be lacking in. Nutivia markets a great hemp protein if you are interested.


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